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First IEEE International Workshop on
Critical Infrastructure Protection

November 3 - 4, 2005  –  Darmstadt, Germany

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Program and Slide Sets

Call for Papers (archived)

Final Program and Slide Sets

The program is also available in Adobe PDF format.

November 3, 2005

0800-0930 Registration / Breakfast
0930-0945 Welcome and Introduction

Session I: Detection and Recovery

0945-1015 A Framework for Real-Time Worm Attack Detection and Backbone Monitoring 
T. Dübendorfer, A. Wagner, and B. Plattner
1015-1045 On a Microkernel Based System Architecture Enabling Recovery from Rootkits 
J. Grizzard and H. L. Owen
1045-1100 Break

Session II: Metrics and Indicators

1100-1130 C(I)IP Task Description and a Proposal for a Substitute of National CIIP Policies 
B. M. Hämmerli
1130-1200 Corporate Portal as Security Backbone 
U. Maurer
1200-1330 Lunch
1330-1415 Invited Talk I
European Research and Development on Resilience of the Information Infrastructure: Moving Towards FP7
Jacques Bus
1415-1430 Break

Session III: Planning and Human Factors

1430-1500 Humans as Critical Infrastructure: Public-Private Partnerships Essential to Resiliency and Response 
J. Barnes and K. Newbold
1500-1530 The Need to Improve Local Self-Awareness in CIP/CIIP 
S. Bologna and R. Setola
1530-1600 Break
1600-1630 Invited Talk II
IT Security in Process Control 
H. Honecker 
Please note that these slides can be made available only to attendees of IWCIP for security reasons. Please contact the program chair or the BSI to request a copy of the slide set.

Session IV: Communication Systems

1630-1700 A Case for Protocol Dependency 
J. Eronen
1700-1730 Critical Telecommunications Infrastructure Protection in Brazil 
S. Ribeiro

November 4, 2005

Session V: Civil and Power Engineering Aspects

0900-0930 Intelligent Distributed Autonomous Power Systems (IDAPS) and their Impact on Power System Vulnerability Reduction 
S. Rahman and M. Pipattanasomporn
0930-1000 Critical Infrastructure Awareness Required by Civil Emergency Planning 
E. A. M. Luiijf and M. H. A. Klaver
1000-1030 Break

Session VI: Modeling and Risk Assessment

1030-1100 GIS-based Command and Control Infrastructure for Critical Infrastructure Protection 
S. Wolthusen
1100-1130 Risk Assessment: Challenges and Tools 
E. Adar and A. Wuchner


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